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EVA support

The assurance of an available and effective supervision platform

To remain effective, a monitoring platform must closely monitor the evolution of your information system and remain available. This represents an additional workload for your teams who must remain focused on production. Investing in EVA technical support saves valuable time and allows for an always up-to-date, 100% operational, platform.

What does EVA support include?

System maintenance and components

Keeps your EVA monitoring platform running smoothly for an always available platform

System and Components Updates

Provision and installation of all adaptations, corrections and changes to the component softwares

Evolution of the catalog of indicators

Maintenance and evolution of the catalog of indicators defined during the initialization phase (supervision models)

Evolution of the configuration

Configuration update of the monitoring platform (adding and / or updating equipment, services, views, thresholds and alarms)

Email support

The assurance of a support by email with a consideration of requests within 48 working hours: or

Remote maintenance

Availability of a remote maintenance service of the supervision platform

Help with interpretation

Assistance on interpretation of metrics and alarms

Our formulas

Formulas adapted to the size of your Information System


€ - on demand
  • up to 100 services
  • 3 Engineer days
  • 1 EVA instance


€ - on demand
  • up to 500 services
  • 4 Engineer days
  • 1 EVA instance


€ - on demand
  • up to 1000 services
  • 5 Engineer days
  • 1 EVA instance


€ - on demand
  • more than 1000 services
  • 6 Engineer days
  • 1 EVA instance

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