Hypervision with EVA

Visibility is today the major stake of a good management of a company's information system.
A monitoring strategy adapted to its own IT environment will save time and improve analysis accuracy

Data monitoring visualization solution

Born from the desire to provide simple and intuitive views, EVA is now "the" unique portal for visualizing your monitoring data. The solution exploits data from several tools that have already been proven in the field of supervision: Centreon, H5 Audits, Fusion Inventory, Ntopng...

From Monitoring to Hypervision

Open source solutions, proprietary tools, embedded protocols, IOTs ... In a world where the need for visibility evolves so rapidly, we offer monitoring solutions.

Tailor-made turnkey solution

As for all of its services, Austral Net offers you, as part of Monitoring, a tailor-made offer meeting all your needs, both innovative and technically viable.

Modern and easy-to-use web interface

The provision of supervision data must be done in a simple, visual and intuitive way to be available to the maximum number of users

Real-time visibility

EVA relies on Centreon, the robust and scalable IT monitoring solution, recognized by more than 100,000 system administrators, network specialists and IT teams

Performance and user experience

Eva relies on H5 Audit, French publisher of network visibility solution, Leader in Network Performance Intelligence

Annual support - Assistance and evolutions

Make the choice of tranquility with an experienced partner by your side. Our formulas adapt to the size of your infrastructure
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